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Photo of the Month Reminder for February

by Kay~Kacey on 2/27/2008

Earlier this month, I mentioned I’m going to start a photo of the month challenge. Each month you pick your favorite photo that you took that month. Send me a link to the post with the photo.

Use the contact form at the top of my page, or click on my email address from a comment that I’ve left on your blog. Put photo of the month in the subject line.

Name your photo! Tell me why you picked it, why it’s your favorite photo of the month.

I’m ready for your February photos! Send me those links. If you have more than one photo in the post, make sure you tell me which photo it is that you want me to grab. Send it to me before the end of February!! (Go ahead, do it now. Procrastination never pays off 😉 )

At the beginning of March, I’ll post the photos here for all to see. (I might have to resize them to fit my blog, but I won’t crop them or anything)

Let the games begin!

(do you know how to send me a link? Usually you just click on the blog post title of the post you want. Copy the URL from the title bar and paste it into the email you send me.)

edited to add. To the two early birds,(good non procrastinators that they were!) Ann and Maggie, I sent you an email. My contact form was stripping out the message. Well, at least that let me know the plugin wasn’t working. I have it fixed now! So sorry! (why does my blog sometimes try to be difficult??)

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