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Easter Egg Adventures

by Kay~Kacey on 4/26/2011

Ah, yes. You didn’t think I’d miss posting photos from the annual Great Easter Egg Shootout. ™. Lots and lots of pics…
the target
This year’s target…my sister picked it out. aaarrrrrrr! (We’re not sure what a pirate has to do with Easter, but we’re flexible if nothing else.)

sling shot easter eggsHere’s a bird’s eye view of shooting the eggs with the sling shot. (photo courtesy of the ever talented SuperGuy.)

I shot too.

Too prove a point. I shot the eggs too! (photo courtesy of my oldest son…I had to make sure he gave me back my camera after this!!)

sling shot time

Lots of concentration.

Did it hit?

Did I hit it?

sister shoot

Even my sister got in on the shooting.

egg shoot

My brother-in-law doing his best to out shoot the boys.

more egg shooting

Everyone got in on the shooting.

superguy shooting eggs

Look at his face!!! :rofl:

some people had a really good timeSome people had a really REALLY good time!

dad shooting easter eggsNot to be out done by the youngins, my dad took a crack at it too. (So did my mom, but I have that on video…soon to come…)

youngest trying to get groundedAh, my young son trying his best to get grounded by aiming the slingshot at his mother….

my sisterA pic of my sister, just because I rarely capture a photo of her without her making a face at me…

mom blowing bubbles

My mom, forever young at heart, blowing bubbles.

So what do you do with a shot up pirate full of eggs when you’re finished??

then we were doneBurn his remains, of course… (I did not want those stinky broken eggs in my garbage until Thursday!)

As an aside…do you know how stressful it is to make sure I have a photo of everyone?? Well, anyway…I have more up on my Photography Blog. So, if you are missing here (that would be you, Tyler…) head on over to Kay Pickens Photography to see more photos and bigger photos!!! I swear, I could have posted a hundred of them. I’m also working on a video, but don’t have the music for it yet.

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superguy April 29, 2011 at 7:36 am

Ah, traditions.

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