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Speaking of Signs of the Times

by Kay~Kacey on 8/11/2009

Yes, speaking of signs of the times, I’m so upset. Probably not as upset as when SuperGuy’s truck caught on fire. But…

My favorite reading glasses broke. Not only are they my favorite reading glasses…they were my first pair of reading glasses. I decided if I needed stupid old reading glasses, I was at least going to have happening glasses! Now, I’m NOT going to tell you how many years I’ve had these glasses…

Alas, they broke. Not just the hinge, but the plastic. No amount of SuperGuy magic can fix them.

Is it wrong to be emotionally attached to your reading glasses? Hm, probably…

Well, I’m off to find another cute and adorable pair of reading glasses. Wish me luck!


Signs of the Times

by Kay~Kacey on 8/7/2009

So this caught my eye. This stash of mail in the front hallway. It’s where I put the mail that gets delivered here, but it’s for the boys. They know to check that spot when they come by. The mail sits there waiting for them nestled between the gumball machine that The Geeky One made years and years ago, and the dad reading to his son statute.


Sigh, sometimes it just hits me. The boys no longer live here. Won’t ever live here again. They’ll just be here for visits.

Visits. My boys come home for visits.

Sometimes I enjoy this empty nest gig…and sometimes I really, really don’t like it… Come cheer me up…


Moving On

by Kay~Kacey on 6/30/2009

I must be the only mother on the planet who is sad that her son is moving back to town after being away at college. Seriously.

I saw so much of The Photography One while SuperGuy and I were over at The Love Nest. Remember we even lived with him for a bit before we found The Love Nest? Anyway, The Photography One and I would go to Steak and Shake (YUM!) for lunch every week. (I cried when we left Steak and Shake for the last time. Sigh.) We’d also go to dinner. Meet for drinks. I swear I saw more of him in the last year than I have in the last FOUR years combined. I’m so going to miss him now when we’re over in Columbia at The Love Nest.

But, I know, this isn’t supposed to be all about me. It’s about The Photography One moving on to a new stage of life. Moving back to St. Louis. Yes, I KNOW we live here too, but he will work, run with his buddies, and generally be too busy to see his mommy every week. Sigh. Anyway, back to the moving day story…


First off, it was 100 degrees on moving day!! We brilliantly decided to do most of the moving on Friday night. After the sun went down. Yeah, baby…here was the thermometer–in the shade–when we headed over to The Photograph One’s apartment on Friday. At 7pm…


I should have known how this was going to go when I had to drive him 30 miles to Jefferson City to pick up the closest moving van. Okay, that wasn’t too bad. We had a nice chat on the way. In the air conditioning. I’m all about the air conditioning when it hits 100 degrees!


There was a ton of stuff to put in that tiny moving van. In the heat.


There were a few refreshment breaks…


and brief pauses to watch the Cardinals game…


and a bit of silliness…

We had to go back on Saturday to finish up. SuperGuy and I left about 2:30pm to head back to St. Louis. I’m not sure what time the boys finally got out of there. (because they never texted me to tell me they got home safely. This mean YOU!).

In a nice (planned) twist of fate, The Impish One moved INTO The Photography One’s apartment, so that made some of it easier. We left a bedroom set, chairs, desk, some tables, etc for him. Thank goodness, because nothing else was going to fit in that van! (You remember that they closed down The Impish One’s dorm in the middle of the year and my rant about that?)

Anyway, son, welcome back home and onto real life. Don’t forget to visit your momma!

I’m moving on and last I can see
Life has been patiently waiting for me
And I know there’s no guarantees, but I’m not alone

–Rascal Flats