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Outer Banks Photography

by Kay~Kacey on 10/14/2013

SuperGuy and I took a fabulous vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in September. Nice time of year to visit the area. Not so crowded, lower prices, and beautiful weather.

We did a lot of relaxing. A lot of it.

Beer at dusk at Duck North Carolina in the Outer Banks
Beer in the Sunset in Duck, North Carolina

I was on a mission to photograph all four of the Outer Banks Lighthouses. That’s from one end of the Outer Banks to the other. SuperGuy was mostly agreeable to this. Well, he knows how I am when I’m on a mission to photograph something. This was the Bodie Lighthouse. We had such beautiful weather!

Bodie Island Lighthouse Fine Art Photography

Bodie Island Lighthouse Photograph for Sale

This next photograph was the staircase at Currituck Lighthouse. I stood inside and shot up the stairway. I just loved those lighthouse stairs!
Currituck Lighthouse Stairs Fine Art Photography

Black and White photograph of the Currituck Lighthouse Stairs

Later in the week we took the ferry over to Ocracoke Island. It was so pretty leaving the Hatteras ferry port, even if we did have to wait quite a bit for the ferry…in the middle of the week…in off season. I can’t imagine it on a busy weekend during the height of the season!
hatteras island fine art photography

Hatteras Island Ferry Port

We drove around Ocracoke and finally found the lighthouse. I mean, you can’t see if from very many places, but we finally caught a glance of it and wandered our way over so I could get my Ocracoke lighthouse photo.
ocracke lighthouse outer banks photography

Ocracoke Lighthouse and Light Keepers House – Image for Sale

We also drove along Ocracoke island and popped over the beach in a couple of spots. Here is the boardwalk to Ocracoke Beach.
ocracoke island photography

Boardwalk to Ocracoke Beach

We actually stayed on Hatteras Island in Rodanthe. It was nice there, but much more crowded and busier than when we stayed in Avon. The surfers were everywhere. Like even right in front of the house we rented…and later on when the sun got hot…they moved under out house. Evidently Rodanthe is known for its waves. Not sure we’ll go back to that area again. This is under the Rodanthe pier. That was another of my photography missions. I wanted an under the pier shot. I love the perspective on this one. The crashing waves. The weathered wood. The angles of the wooden supports on the pier.
rodanthe pier photography

Rodanthe Pier – Outer Banks Photography for sale

We had a great time. Relaxed a lot. Read a lot. Took a lot of beach walks. I’m already dreaming of the beach..
beach chairs on beach in outer banks north carolina

Gone for a Walk

Why, yes, we did start and finish our vacation with ice cold beer 😉

My Outer Banks photographs, these and more, are availabe on my Artist Website. I have Photos of all four of the Outer Banks Lighthouse for sale there.

Dancing on the Beach

by Kay~Kacey on 9/20/2013

Had the best time in the Outer Banks on vacation. Now I’m home and sorting through the 1000’s of photos we took. These photos just make me smile. SuperGuy picked up the camera and grabbed some pictures of me dancing on the beach. I love the beach. So relaxing. So fun. So free.

Dancing on the beach in Hatteras

Dancing on the beach in the Outer Banks

Here I was trying to get a quick photo of the two of us…but SuperGuy kept pestering me… :heart:

fun at the beach

I’m still going through and sorting and editing my photos. Got some great ones of the four lighthouses on the Outer Banks. I’ll be posting up some photos soon. Anyway, I’m glad to be back, not really… We should vacation more often!

Back from Vacation

by Kay~Kacey on 2/27/2013

Ah, yes. Back to the real world. We did a quick trip to New Orleans, then a 5 day cruise. Fabulous time. Great weather. Lots of sitting in the sun and reading. Came back to really lots of snow. ™. And then more snow. Sigh. Where is spring?

My favorite son, Timmy, was watching the puppies. When Mizzou could just not get their act together and cancel classes until after there was already too much snow…Timmy got stuck halfway home to our house. Some nice lady picked him up and drove him partway…but he ended up walking the rest of the way to our house in his topsiders with bags over them, his Stadium Grill waiter apron tied around his face, and no hat or gloves…TWO MILES.  Anyway, he is now my favorite and I think he might even have unfrozen by now. I’ve pretty much not forgiven his finance prof for refusing to cancel the test they had that day so all these kids were out on the roads…and a ton…like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds had to abandon their cars.

We got home, shoveled out the driveway and rescued him. SuperGuy got to play with his tractor so all is right in his world.

Anyway, stuck inside during the snow storm, I had some time to play with my New Orleans photos. Want to see?? This is my favorite. Bourbon Street early morning.

bourbon street

Bourbon Street Print for Sale

Here is the train crossing in front of Riverwalk.  We walked and walked along the river. A good time.
train at riverwalk

I just love this big old marine cleats on the Mississippi River. We sat and watched the barges to up and down the river. Such fun.marine cleat on Mississippi river

I put some more images up on my Kay Pickens Fine Art Site if you want to see them. I’ll be adding to the New Orleans Gallery as I have time to edit more of the photos. I haven’t even looked at SuperGuys photos that he took. So many photos, so little time…But it was fabulous to get out of the cold for a week!

I think I’ll just go and watch out the window for the snow to melt and spring to come…

French Quarter Photos for Sale