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The Barn Raising

by Kay~Kacey on 8/5/2013

So, you know how SuperGuy got his tractor? Well, “we” decided we needed a barn to go with the tractor. Of course.

Here is the pre-barn view out my office window.
view out the window

So, we order a barn and they actually come and deliver it and set it up for you. Here it is mid barn raising.
barn half built

They didn’t start until 6pm the first night…so this is how far they got the first day.
doors in the barn

Poor silly barn with the back of it finished and a couple of doors.
framing the barn

The came back the next day and finished it. We might-might-have celebrated with champagne. As is our wont. (why yes, SuperGuy is sporting his orange crocs. As usual).

Barn finished

Oops, someone left the evidence!
champagne celebration in the new barn

Now, here is the view out my office window, of our pretty red barn…minus the beautiful blue sky of the first photo.

Barn out the window

I’ll have to get a portrait of the tractor in the new barn…