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Really Happy Person

by Kay~Kacey on 3/18/2008

So, who knew? That I was the second, or seventh, happiest person on the internet?

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So I got an email from someone today who said they were a bit down and decided to Google “really happy person”. I was the second one on the list. :mrgreen: So I was the second happiest person on the internet! Well, it was actually my post Are You Really Happy., you know, not me personally. 😉

first signs of spring peaking up

Well, when I went and googled really happy person, I came up seventh. But I was above a post on Britney Spears! So I’m happier than she is. 🙄

This person made my day when they dropped me a note in my contact form saying that is how they found my blog. It made me, well, happy.

woodpecker in early morning

I think that life is what you make of it. You can seize opportunities, change things you don’t like in your life, and learn to appreciate the good things you do have. Well, yes, life throws us curves. Deaths, divorces, illness, kids that won’t behave 😛 But I firmly believe that a positive outlook will bring you a happier life. It took me awhile to figure that out. A long while. I’m baby boomer age. But I did figure it out. Who knew it would be this stage of life where I’m the happiest and most at peace with my life? I’m a really happy person…most of the time.

deer in first morning light

Well, and really, who could help but be really happy when they wake up to scenes like this in the early morning light out their window?