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Use 103 for Cat Litter Buckets

by Kay~Kacey on 8/25/2009

Yes, Superguy is at it again. Creative use of the cat litter buckets.


Yes, a cat litter bucket is a great toolbox! Who knew? So far we’ve had cat litter buckets for bathroom waste baskets and TV stands, and buckets to wash the truck…they are so versatile, aren’t they??


We went to the lake with my parents. My dad and SuperGuy found lots of chores to do amid numerous trips to the toy hardware store and fishing store.


They sanded and refinished the picnic table.


Since SuperGuy (and apparently, my father) can’t do just a chore without getting sidetracked…they also decided the chairs needed to be refinished.  Okay, I admit, they look nice. Kind of cut into our sitting space for pre-dinner drinks though…


And when their chores were through? They rewarded themselves with a fishing trip or three. Let’s just say the fish won… 🙄


Unrest in the House

by Kay~Kacey on 6/19/2009

There is a bit of unrest in our household. SuperGuy went out and found this:


Yes, the paint is peeling on his beloved red truck. First the clear coat, now the actual paint. Okay, the truck is 10 years old, but shouldn’t the paint last longer than that??


SuperGuy loves his truck. He babies it. He washes it and waxes it and, honestly, I wouldn’t want to be in a contest with that truck for SuperGuy’s affection , ’cause I’m not sure I’d win. :toofunny:

Sigh, yes, we’re not entirely happy in the household these days. Not a very nice Father’s Day present, now is it?? (And yes, not only does SuperGuy use the Cat Litter buckets for TV stands, and bathroom wastebasket, he uses them as buckets for washing the cars…what can’t you use a Scoop Away bucket for??) :crazy:


Ultimate Wastebasket

by Kay~Kacey on 10/24/2008

This is yet another one of my post about the differences between men and women. Men are different. I do not understand males. Their thought processes just don’t make sense to a rational female…

So I’m painstakingly decorating The Love Nest. Sure, it’s not finished yet, but we just got the place last week. So I go into the bathroom and see that SuperGuy has improvised on the bathroom wastebasket. 🙄


SuperGuy religiously rinses out the kitty litter buckets and has a HUGE stack of them in the garage. You know, more than he could ever use in his lifetime. The garage I can’t park my car in. He brought some tools over to The Love Nest in this bucket…so I guess he decided that now it would make a good wastebasket for the bathroom.

I’m off to buy a bathroom wastebasket RIGHT NOW, why do you ask? This one is driving me nuts. Males are strange…