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A Man and Woman at a Photo Shoot

by Kay~Kacey on 8/13/2009

Remember when I tried to explain the difference of a man and a woman at an antique mall? Well, I’m going to try and explain the difference between a man and a woman when they go on a photo shoot. For instance, if they, say…went to Colorado…

Estes Park Mosaic

The woman spends her time taking photos of pretty things. Waterfalls. Flowers. Mountains. Streams.

pine tree bark

The man takes pictures of tree bark. (okay, we can almost give him that one. Kind of interesting…)

chipmunk behind

The man moves on to taking photos of a chipmunk’s behind…

And when the woman asks him to grab a photo of her with her beloved front range of mountains in the background…

kacey and the mountains almost

He takes this. The woman is almost in the photo…

zipper undone

He quickly moves onto taking a photo of the woman’s zipper being undone. How special. The man is so immature…  :loser:

The woman retaliates nicely. Women are quick like that…
superguys assets

The woman gets a photo of his, um… assets.

I leave you with one last photo, of course. Because what is a photo shoot of my family without a pointing picture??
pointing picture

I will never understand males…

Kacey vs The Mountain Stream

by Kay~Kacey on 8/4/2009

Meanwhile, back to our Colorado trip…

So when I go to Colorado, I always like to put my feet in a nice, cool, mountain stream. Okay, usually they are flippin’ COLD, but still. I. Will. Not. Be. Defeated…


I slip off my Berkies and carefully check it out.


There is a LOT to do to get ready to wade in a stream, you know. Find a spot to sit down and roll up your jeans, for instance.


I tentatively dip my toes in the mountain stream…


It was a tad bit shocking…


Honestly, SuperGuy went just a little bit overboard on the taking of the photos of me screaming. He was enjoying himself just a bit too much.


I was determined to get a shot of my feet in the stream though. I wanted proof!


Succcess!! I win!!

Of course I immediately got a cold headache… :crazy:

I’ll have the Photo of the Month contest up tomorrow, so be sure and check back!!

Road Trip-Estes Park Version

by Kay~Kacey on 7/28/2009

So we got up early the first morning of our Colorado trip. You know, after the sunset competition the night before. We decided to head into the mountains. Gutsy move, considering the wedding was back in Denver that evening, but we were confident we could squeeze every fabulous moment out of the day.


We fought through the Denver rush hour traffic and headed off to Estes Park. Here we are just coming into Boulder. What a pretty place to go to college. All my nieces went to college there.


First stop is Kind Coffee in Estes Park. They have the best coffee there. You can go right out the back door and sit by the Big Thompson River and walk up the back of the town on the River Walk. It doesn’t get much better than that when you’re wanting to enjoy your coffee!


I love Estes Park. I grew up spending the summers there at Cheley Camp. So did my sister, her husband, and a handful of our boys. So we’re kind of an Estesy type family. I proceeded to take pictures with my iPhone and send them off to everyone in my family who is as addicted to Estes as I am. Take, for instance, Ed’s Cantina. My sister’s family’s favorite place to eat in Estes. They even made up an Ed’s Cantina song. Yes, my family is strange, why do you ask? So off this picture goes to my sister and bil.


Next up, a picture of Longs Peak. Off it goes to the Photography One. He’s made it almost to the top, but never all the way to the top. He keeps being turned back by electrical storms, or ice. He’ll make it up there one day. I’m sure.

After I sent the photos, the text messages kept rolling in. I got text-slapped all day long. :rofl:

Family was jealous, and not handling it well. Who knew they would call me such names?? :love:


Then there was the obligatory stop at The Taffy Shop. Best salt water taffy in the world. Honest. Had to pick up a box for my father. Don’t tell him! I haven’t given it to him yet. Then, we did some more shopping in Estes. Can’t tell you what we bought. Christmas is coming… Secrets! :secret:


We then headed into Rocky Mountain National Park…for yet another photo shoot competition. I’ll have more up tomorrow. I have wedding photos to edit too. Busy week! Stay tuned!