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First Bloom at the New House

by Kay~Kacey on 4/8/2013

Very excited! The very first bloom at our new home!! I’m going to be out of town next week…so I was so afraid I’d miss the first blooms! But, this daffodil did not disappoint me like that. She bloomed!

one daffodil bloom

Her friends are getting ready to bloom too!! SuperGuy planted bulbs all over last fall. He can’t really remember where 😉 So it’s a surprise when we see them popping out of the ground.

daffodils in bloom

He planted this whole bed of daffodils under my beloved elm tree. (and I think I saw some hyacinths coming up too!)

bed if daffodils

We also planted 5 lilac bushes on Friday. I hope they bloom sooner than my poor lilac bush in St. Louis!
5 lilac plants

Oh, and as a bonus, SuperGuy got to figure out how to use the post hole digger attachment thingie on his new John Deere tractor! THAT was exciting 😉 I think it took him longer to figure out how to attach it than it took us to dig the holes…