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Making Mama Happy

by Kay~Kacey on 5/21/2008

I love this boy…

college graduates

So what did The Geeky One and Adorable Girlfriend do? They came home and brought their graduation gowns so I could get pictures of them. Is that sweet or what? The Geeky One is my favorite. Really. (okay, don’t get alarmed, I often tell all of my boys they are my favorite.)

college grad happiness

I thought it was so cool that they would think of this. It almost made it okay I missed their graduations. Not. They look so happy to be done with college, don’t they?

check out the shoes

Okay, so The Geeky One wasn’t really into the whole thing completely. Check out the shoes.

adorable shoes

The Adorable Girlfriend, of course, thought to bring home nice shoes too. Aren’t these cute? And remember these cute shoes?? She always wears the most adorable shoes.

Of course everyone thought they should get in on the whole “show your cute shoes” act… 🙄

shoes shoes shoes

So The Geeky One, knowing me so well, says to Adorable Girlfriend. “Check out Mom’s blog tomorrow, I bet your feet will be on it.” :rofl: He knows me too well!

I Can’t Believe I Missed It

by Kay~Kacey on 5/17/2008

So, the big day was finally here. I watched The Impish One get ready for graduation. He’s so adorable.

adjusting graduation cap

There is something so dynamic about high school graduations. The kids are just so charged with energy. So excited about moving on to a new stage of life. So glad to be done with the constrictions of high school.


As a total aside, notice how my boys are always pointing at something in pictures? What’s up with that??

So I get home to a voicemail from SuperGuy. “Did you know The Geeky One graduated Magna Cum Laude?”

Not. A. Clue.

Being the mature person that I am, I burst into tears. I canNOT believe I missed his graduation. You know, the one where he graduated magna cum laude in Engineering, for pete’s sake. :biteme: How could I not have known this?? I am SO proud of him! But, you know, I missed seeing it… :wallbash:

[insert nice cell phone pic of The Geeky One in his cap and gown that he PROMISED to send to me yesterday. Yeah. Not.]

edited: to change magnum to magna ’cause I was so tired when I wrote this post I typoed magnum for magna. And because, well, I guess I just always associate magnum with guys, you know? :mrgreen:

The Decision is Made

by Kay~Kacey on 5/16/2008

Yes, the decision is finally made.

ride 'em cowboy
I’m going to The Impish One’s high school graduation tonight.

playing with chalk

I mean he’s my baby. How could I not go? (see how he was a little imp, even at a young age?)

beats me
But here is the impossibly cute Geeky One. While I’m still not pleased about missing The Geeky One’s College Graduation across the state, I figured the choice of just staying in bed with the blankets up over my head was not an option.


I mean, who can resists this face?? I’m just so sorry I have to miss his college graduation!! People (colleges and high schools) should REALLY be required to consult me before setting graduation times. Especially those with the tendency to pick the exact same time, in two different cities!! The jerks.

But you know what I really can’t figure out??

sleeping babies

How in the world did they get from this….

all grown up

To this?? In just a moment’s time.

Do NOT put me in this choosing between two sons again. Ever. :mad2:

Being the mature person I am 🙄 , I’m going to go to the high school graduation, take pics for SuperGuy to see, then go home and have a drink… :beer: Though, honestly, at times today the option to stay in bed with those covers up has seemed tempting. 😉 I sent SuperGuy over to The Geeky One’s graduation. I’m hoping the Photography One will get some good pics of the college graduation for me.