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Vacation Advice…

by Kay~Kacey on 8/15/2008

for mothers of lotsaboys. If you take a vacation and happen to have lots and lots of boys? I have just two pieces of advice…

Advice Number One:

take along the girlfriends

Take along the girlfriends

girlfriend on jetski

It always helps to even up the male/female odds just a bit. Well, it kind of helps. There was still a lot of testosterone swirling around the lakehouse. But I did get to go to the Coach store at the outlet mall…

Advice Number Two:


It’s time to go home when total exhaustion sets in.

How many ways to Jet Ski

by Kay~Kacey on 8/13/2008

How many games can you come up with when using a jet ski?

jet ski fun

There is normal old ride the jet ski fun…

quick jetski turn

There is make a fast turn and see if you how loud you can make your girlfriend scream…

hey, lets wakeboard

Hey!! Maybe we could wakeboard behind the jet ski! The Impish One will try it! He’ll try anything…


Oh, let’s try tubing behind the jet ski. (I’m not sure any of the males will now be able to have children. Those were some WILD rides…)

dump your brother

Oh, and let’s not forget, dump your brother….

splash your momma

And our all time favorite… is splash your mom… Jerkfaces. :love:

Having. The. Best. Time. And the weather!!! Low 80’s, low humidity and a breeze. In Missouri. In August. Who knew??

Tomorrow we must have a serious discussion about the oldest Texas Son. Really.

Motorcycle Mama

by Kay~Kacey on 8/12/2008

Okay, okay…Jetski Mama

learning to run jetski

The Impish One laughingly patiently teaches him beloved mom how to run the jetski.

fear and danger on jetski

Fear and danger abound when I drove the jetski. Notice the death grip The Impish One had on me to make sure he stayed on… 🙄

More fear on jetski

Yes, The Photography One was deathly afraid of the speed I drove the jetski too! :rofl:

Finally I got the hang of things…

jetski splash

Oh, wait…that isn’t me…. 😉

Other fun lake facts. Did you know that if you throw a Budlight to someone in the lake, and they don’t catch it, it floats? But if you throw a Busch is sinks. Yes, little known lake facts. Now you know. You’re welcome. No use wasting any beverages, don’t you know?

Also, stupid Panera Bread Company blocks a ton of your websites with their stupid filter. What ARE you guys talking about while I’m out of town??

Hope the pics came out okay, and not too dark. I’m never sure when I edit photos on my Macbook. More escapades on vacation tomorrow…