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Playing With My Lensbaby

by Kay~Kacey on 1/14/2013

Awhile ago I got a Lensbaby Lense.  I’ve shown a few lensbaby shots before. I got it out to play with it and try to get some elm tree in the snow shots…well, not so much… Could not nail the focus at all.

But while I was playing, Murphy jumped up on the bed…I couldn’t resist…

lensbaby pet photography

I know, he’s just the cutest thing, isn’t he? I never understood people taking so many photos of their dogs…hahaha…I take them all. the. time.

cavalier king charles taken with lensbaby lense

He looks like he’s thinking about getting into some kind of trouble here, doesn’t he?

I’m going to tackle the Lensbaby again and work on my focus issues. I will conquer it. I swear.

It’s a Secret!

by Kay~Kacey on 5/25/2011

Shh! Don’t tell SuperGuy. :secret: It will be our little secret…

lensbaby composer pro

I might possibly have gotten a new lens. Yes, I know, I know. I swore off buying new lenses…

lensbaby composer flowers

I might possibly gotten a Lensbaby Composer Pro lens. It’s a kind of tilt shift lens.lensbaby flowers

The siren call of this lens called to me. {it is not my fault!}  It’s just a really fun lens to play with!

lensbaby pro

I guess it comes as no surprise that my first subject with this lens was a beer bottle (Conveniently consumed emptied beforehand. I stop at nothing to get the best photos!)

Now I really, really mean it. No. More. Lenses. Really. :hide: