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By the Time a Woman turns 50

by Kay~Kacey on 8/25/2008

By the time a woman is 50:

–she should have made peace with her past, and be looking forward to her future.

–she should have some money of her own.

–she should have a special place to go when she just can’t take it anymore and she needs to recharge.

–she should know the value of a dollar and when to say screw it and spend frivolously…it’s sometimes good for the soul.

–she should have learned how to give of herself without giving up herself.

–she should have at least one girlfriend who is always there for her. No matter what. The one you can pick up the phone at 3am and call if you need to and she’ll say “I’ll be right there.” Whether she’s across town or across the country.

–she should know her opinions about politics, religion and life… and know when there’s really no reason to voice them.

–she should accept her family members for who they are, know they won’t change, and live with that fact…in whatever way she can.

–she should have some decadent lingerie, a sexy pair of heels, and a comfortable pair of jeans.

–she should have a hobby she indulges in, a creative outlet she nourishes, and the courage to make time for them.

–she should have learned to live on her own, even if she doesn’t live alone.

–she should have learned to like herself and forgive herself.

–she should have someone in her life who truly appreciates her for the person she really is.

What do you think a woman should know by the time she is 50?