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Bye Bye Blues

by Kay~Kacey on 2/3/2011

Yep, the horrible screen-saver-blue room at the Love Nest? It’s gone. Bit the dust.

priming a brightly colored room

Note to self…be conveniently gone the next time we have a brightly colored room to repaint into a soft cream color. Just saying.

two coats of primer and still the blue shows through

Two coats of primer…and still the blue showed through. :wallbash:

So we painted it a nice, warm cream color. Going to go with a beachy theme in that room with a few pops of teal as accents. Some beach photos on the walls. It’s going to be lovely. No, I didn’t take photos of the finished paint job because I’m waiting to get the bedspread on the bed and pretty the room up a bit. I have a cute worn blue teal wooden chair we’re going to put in there, and I think I’ll paint a bed table teal.

Anyway, the best part of the two day paint job? The end of it…

champagne celebration by the fire

A nice quiet champagne celebration for two by the fire. :heart:

New House Rule

by Kay~Kacey on 9/11/2009

Do any of you have a truck? Well, if you do…then you know the main drawback of it….

Everyone wants to borrow it to move something.

So The Photography One asked to borrow SuperGuy’s new truck. After a touch of panic on SuperGuy’s part…because he hasn’t let anyone else drive it yet…he said, “yes.”


SuperGuy said he’d let The Photography One borrow the truck in trade for help painting the back of the house. 😆


Okay, we blatantly use The Photography One for his height. He’s like 6’3″. He stood on like the bottom rung of the ladder and could paint up into the eaves… :crazy:

It was just a small portion of the back of the house. Outside my office and beside the back deck. He was a good sport about it too. It looks lovely. :love:


So we now have a new house rule. Truck for Chores. Yay! I hope a LOT of people want to borrow the truck! I need some new fencing put up…