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Life in the Country

by Kay~Kacey on 6/3/2013

Well, we’ve been busy…or trying to be busy…getting the new house planted, seeded (again), mulched, mowed, etc. etc. You know, in between constant rainstorms… in which our land fills up with streams of water.

water in yard

SuperGuy has been putting in drain pipes as fast as he can. We still haven’t figure out how to deal with this one outside the dog pen…

SuperGuy spends a lot of time just looking out at the land and trying to figure out his next project…if it would quit raining…

contemplating the water

I spend a lot of time just reading photography stuff online or with a couple of new photography books I bought to tide me through the rainy season…reading my macbook

One day between storms I had this great idea for a self portrait in the meadow with this red fabric….well, the wind and the red fabric won…

flowing red fabric

I’ve got nuttin’ honey. (quit laughing!)

red fabric in wind

We finally had one amazing sunset though. Isn’t it gorgeous…it started raining again right after I took this…

amazing sunset

Hope you all are staying dry and safe from tornados.

Classic Avoidance

by Kay~Kacey on 2/23/2011

I hate doing taxes. There I said it. So what did I decide was more important than working on taxes?? Bird photos of course.

Male cardinal in the rain

It was a nice change from taking photos of the birds in the snow!

female cardinal in the rain in St. Louis

They all came out to play when it started to rain..

male cardinal in the rain at the feeder

I swear that this guy knew I was taking his picture and was actually POSING for me.

Ah, spring. I can almost taste it… I will cover my ears and say la-la-la if anyone talks to me about snow and ice again. I’m just sayin’