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Pretty Much Over This

by Kay~Kacey on 3/2/2011

suprise winter snow storm

Well, yes, we did get the patio furniture moved outside. (Because, really, how long could we keep it in the family room.) A lot of good that did us.

late winter storm

We had an unexpected, not predicted winter snow again last week over at The Love Nest. Seriously over this.

propane patio heater

We did get a patio heater…which SuperGuy put together…if it ever warms up enough to even use it…

snowy scene

Yep, I’m pretty much over winter. I’m sure you’re tired of me complaining about it. Sigh. I need my first crocus or daffodil to bloom. Then we’ll wait and see if the lilac bush blooms this year.

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If It Ever Stops Storming

by Kay~Kacey on 4/25/2010


Yep, if it ever stops storming here, it will be time to plant a bunch of spring flowers. Here is my stash of pots just waiting to be filled…

Are you guys getting those nasty spring storms raging through where you live? We’ve had some wicked ones in the last few days! (I really need to get a new roof on my office…. :mad2: )

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by Kay~Kacey on 4/14/2010

So, I was looking around the backyard…


There, underneath the back deck, in the lattice… You can barely see it.


A brave little hyacinth! How did it get THERE?? :woot:

We had some work done on the backyard last summer and I guess the workers tossed some dirt under there. Some dirt that had a hyacinth bulb in it. This little survivor was undaunted by the move… I’m going to rescue it and put it back in the the flower bed for next year. But for now? I’m just enjoying it where it is…with it’s message of survival. I can’t believe it even got enough sun there to bloom. It makes me smile everytime I see it. :love:

As an added bonus…it’s purple. You know I have a thing for purple flowers. One can never have enough purple flowers.

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