wine on the keyboard


So, for some unknown reason I lost my mind decided it was a good idea to go see my oldest two sons play roller hockey. Now, I haven’t gone to one of their games in a long time beacause 1) they are too rough.  2) they are usually late at night. 3) they are too rough. 4) they are too rough.

roller hockey game

Okay, I brought my camera, of course. That part was fun.

roller hockey action shotI did get some great action shots.

penalty boxOh, and yes, they did both end up in the penalty box at one point or another.

roller hockey penalty box

See?? Now, as a fairly intelligent mother, why did I not invent the penalty box when the boys were here at home? How cool would that have been? “Okay, you’re in the penalty box for 2 minutes – oh! or 2 hours!!.” Yep, I should have thought of penalty boxes when they were growing up. Don’t argue. In. the. box.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Roller hockey. I really don’t enjoy it much as they get older. It’s just so…rough.

roller hockey injury See??? Here is my almost son, Gabe. Taken down by a bad, bad boy.

As an aside, he’s my almost son, ’cause I’ve known him forever. Love him. And if you look at his cell phone I’m listed on it as Mom2. :heart:

roller hockey bench

Here they are on the bench. Where I love for them to be. It’s safe there, you know?? :love2:

As an aside, I did tell them after the game…don’t worry about the silly score on the game…worry about making sure you’re headed towards your momma and her camera any time you have the puck. THAT is what is important!!

As I left after the game, I called back to the three of them. “You’re my favorite.” All three of them answered, “I know.” :heart: :heart: :heart: