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Quiet Time

by Kay~Kacey on 9/6/2012

Sometimes the only way to get through a day is to take a quiet break. A tea break is one of my quiet times of choice.

tea time

Even better since I can use one of my grandmother’s antique teacups. Makes me smile every time I use it. Oh, and the teaspoon? That was from my grandmother’s everyday set. I rescued it from my mother’s basement. I just love things like that. Things that link me to my ancestors. Think how many times my grandparents and my mom used that teaspoon. How many times I did as a child. But you know I’m kind of an antiques nut anyway, don’t you?

Anyway…what do you do when you need to take a short break? What’s your quiet time of choice?

(I should have more house construction photos to show soon! Cabinets are in! Some of the flooring! Some of the trim! It’s really starting to look like a real live house.)