wine on the keyboard


Unexpected Gifts

by Kay~Kacey on 10/26/2010

Did you ever get an unexpected gift…for no reason?

pomar-junction-wine-8937My photography buddy, Janet Power sent me this wonderful bottle of Pomar Junction wine…just because. :love: I met her online a couple of years ago, and in person at photography workshop I went to this summer. We just kind of clicked. Don’t tell SuperGuy, but we’re plotting another meetup in San Antonio this winter at another photography conference. :dance:


Isn’t the label on this wine great? Loved the wine. Even shared it with my sister and brother-in-law owners of the best wine shop in St. Louis Wines of Wildwood. They really liked it too.

Anyway, I really, really loved the wine, Janet! Thank you so much! Even better, the unexpectedness of it.


Well, of course we finished it off! It was wonderful! Have you ever gotten an unexpected gift that just made you smile and was so you and made you know that someone really got you? :love:

Ode to Cheese

by Kay~Kacey on 11/5/2009

SuperGuy really, really wanted October’s Photo of the month theme to be cheese!


He had many variations on this shot.


Did I mention many variations?


He set the silly cheese, crackers, and wine up all over the lawn trying to get the perfect shot.


When he was all finished? What else was there to do but sit down and enjoy a rare bit of sunshine and enjoy the wine and cheese. :love2: