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Reforesting the Neighborhood

by Kay~Kacey on 4/20/2011

So, you know the New Love Nest? Well, we back up to some guy’s land. Land that the city got rights to to put in a sewer system, but ending up stripping the land completely. :nono: Really who does that in a liberal, conserve-the-land type town??

tree slips

So SuperGuy got permission from the guy who owns the land to reforest it. He ordered trees…well, slips of trees, from the Missouri Conservation Department. They came this week. 300 of them…

tiny treesWe planted them along the creek and all along the stripped out area. Unfortunately we still have about 150 more trees to plant… :mad2:

break from planting treesIt was hard work!

stripped out landThis is the big path of stripped out land the city left in their wake… :wallbash: Yes, we have a lot of trees to plant…

sewer systemThis is lovely part of the sewer system that is above ground… :doh: Well, that is getting hidden with cedars…and I don’t mean slips of cedars, I mean real live hide-me-now cedars.

It really annoys me when developers/cities strip out way more than needed when they do a project…and leave it like that. Hopefully it will all look really nice…in about, what? 5-10 years??? :clap:  (if we get the other 150 trees planted this week…)