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Harlequin Silhouette note-part 5

by Kay~Kacey on 9/24/2007


Everlasting Love
70,000-75,000 words
2 books a month
some new authors 5?
almost all entered their contest
cover 20 to 75 years, life long love
first or third person
or 2 parallel love stories
can be chronological, present to frame the past, journal entries, flashbacks

50,000-55,000 words
6 titles a month
3 new American authors recently
drama, rich settings
don’t have to be a medical professional to write these
Hero & heroine work together on medical cases
voice appeal to global market
variety of sexual content & sensuality
send 3 chapters & short 1-3 page synopsis

70,000 – 75,000
2 books a month
what happened after first love, first job, first child, first marriage
over 40, reaching for dreams
real life fantasy, optimistic
happy ending, but not necessarily like romance happily ever after
in Sept. relaunch of line. New cover to emphasis a series & romantic element

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