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The Saga of a Blog Post

by Kay~Kacey on 4/10/2009

You have no idea what it took to get this blog post up! Picture me exhausted. Or stupid. Or whatever.

So, we go over to The Love Nest. Cool, no problem. I go around taking a bunch of photos for a couple of blog posts. Cool, no problem. I go have a nice lunch with The Photograpy One  :love: Fun. Not to mention he’ll go eat at Steak & Shake with me, and I can’t get many people ( this means YOU SuperGuy) to go eat there with me. So I come back to The Love Nest, all ready to do up my blog post.

Only… I forgot my card reader and can’t download the photos to my computer. Cool, no problem.  I’ll go out and get another one. Well, by this time it’s pouring down rain. Okay. You guys are worth it. I need my photos for my post. So off I go. To Staples. To Walmart. Nothing. By then I’m soaking wet, my jeans are like wet up to the knees and weigh about 100 pounds. Eventually all roads lead to Best Buy. Then Radio Shack. So not amused. Finally, FINALLY find a card reader at Target.

Get back to The Love Nest. The new Lightroom software I installed won’t read the files… :wallbash: I finally figure out I need to update the software. Cool, no problem. :crazy: I. Am. Fine. With. That.

Finally get the update installed, download the photos. Edit one darn photo and decide I’m done. Finished. Off. The. Team.


All this to bring you a photo of my Love Nest setup. I finally got an external monitor to hook up to my Macbook over here. Mind you, I love and adore my Macbook…but it has a 13 inch screen…and that’s 13 inches diagonally. It’s painful to edit photos on it. So now I have a nice set up with a super on sale monitor that The Geeky One found for me. I’m all set. Except I was so exhausted from the whole ordeal that I was forced, forced I tell you, to partake of a Blue Moon Beer or so. Cool, no problem. :mrgreen:

That’s it folks. The saga of a blog post.

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CindyP April 10, 2009 at 8:18 am

Dedication, my friend, dedication!! :beer:

annbb April 10, 2009 at 8:27 am

At least your story has a very happy ending! :beer:

Spread Your Wings April 10, 2009 at 9:35 am

nice set up. and yeah for Target.

Kate April 11, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Many of my blog posts were true sagas. But it’s worth it, is it not? Geez, I hope so. And for all your trouble, enjoy that Blue Moon, which happens to be number 6 on my list of top ten beers.
I made that up. I have no idea where it falls on my list, but it’s on there along with Corona and a lime, Sierra Nevada pale ale, Grolsch and Bass ale.
Niiice set up. I’ve got sorta the same thing. My laptop and a big screen Dell similar to what you’ve got there. I think I’m going to need another external hard drive soon, though.

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