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The Balancing Act

by Kay~Kacey on 1/11/2014

2014 – The year of the balancing act. So much going on in our lives. We’re going to sell our St. Louis home and move to Columbia full time until SuperGuy retires. Then we are either going to return to St. Louis or move somewhere warm. We are so undecided.

This year, I’m going to move to doing more personal projects with my photography, like my The Awakening Series. In other news, I’m going to publish some of the romance novels I’ve written through the years. I’m editing them now, setting them all in the fictional town of Comfort Crossing. I’m hoping to have the first one published by May and two more out by the end of summer. I need to get them revised, and have an editor do their thing with them. Very excited to get back to my writing.

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I’m hoping to shoot the photography for my book covers too. That should be challenging and fun!

So, I’ll be busy, busy this year. Packing up a house I’ve lived in for 30 years. Pitching and giving away a ton of stuff. Moving to Columbia full time. Still driving back to St. Louis often to visit my kids and check on my parents. Then my balancing act of getting my books published and continuing my photography series.

I hope to be much more regular with my blogging too. I enjoy blogging and need to make time for it. Just one more thing on my balancing act this year.

2014 is going to be full of changes-but it’s all very exciting!

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annbb January 12, 2014 at 10:26 pm

O Kacey! That’s just wonderful! Columbia is such a good place to be!

And your romance novels?? I am a HUGE fan of that genre! Embarrassingly so, I’ve been told by parties that will remain unnamed. Can’t wait to read you! Conratulations!

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