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Cardinals by SuperGuy

by Kay~Kacey on 2/10/2009

As most of you know, I love the fact that SuperGuy and I share the common interest in photography. Even if he did get more votes in the war of the roses. :mad2:

He was going to enter one of these photos in January’s Photo of the Month Contest, but he didn’t want to compete directly–cardinal to cardinal :mrgreen: — with my entry. (he’s either very nice, or very chicken 😆 ) So since I’m such a good wife…and I have no blog post for today 😉 I’m going to showcase some of SuperGuy’s cardinal photos. We both seem a bit addicted to capturing the perfect cardinal photo.

cardinal in tree

I love the composition of this one. The curving branches, the winter snow background, the splash of red of the cardinal.

female cardinal at feeder

This one almost looks like she’s paused to check out what SuperGuy is doing pointing that camera at her.

female cardinal

This one I love for the subtle colors he’s captured on the feathers of the female cardinal’s breast. Really love this.

Anyway, thank you SuperGuy for sharing your photos and helping me come up with a post for today. :mrgreen: I’m thinking SuperGuy and I will have a spring flower contest pretty soon. Please let it be spring flower time — Real. Soon. Now.

edited to add: I’m working on upgrading my wordpress install. Things will break. Smilies will probably be gone. Please be patient while I sort things out.