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For the Love of Purple Flowers

by Kay~Kacey on 5/31/2011

Remember back in 2008 when SuperGuy & I went to Carmel? Well, I fell in love with the agapanthus there. Totally in love.  I took this photo back then. See how beautiful they are?

Agapanthus in Carmel

Well, SuperGuy bought some this spring and planted them here in a bunch of planters. They are nearly ready to open, and I cannot wait!!

Agapnthus in planters

I foresee a big old long photo session coming on, don’t you? Ah, purple flowers. :heart:  I was a bit worried with the late frost and numerous hail storms, but they didn’t fail me. Now, it’s just a waiting game…

They won’t winter over here, so SuperGuy will pull them and do whatever magic it is he does to plants that don’t winter here, then plant them back again next spring. When they are all in full bloom, I’ll show you how adorable my courtyard looks with them.

(May 31??? Where did the month go??)