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Climbing Flowers

by Kay~Kacey on 6/29/2010


Ah, remember when SuperGuy made the neato keeno arbor archway down to the gazebo? Sure you do. It looks like this:


Okay, the arbor looks crooked here but I swear on all things sacred and my boys’ baby booties that this arbor is spot on straight on. If you ever met SuperGuy, you’d know I was telling the absolute truth. He doesn’t do things halfway. Ever.

Anyway, these pretty white flowers are now climbing all over it. Doesn’t it look lovely. Of course, we can’t remember the name of the flower, but SuperGuy is going to ask at the nursery the next time he goes in. Which is about weekly–if not twice on the weekends– by the way. :crazy: The nursery owners love us this year.


Here is the flower climbing right up with our clear lights that we have had lighting the walkway to the gazebo. The squirrels decided they had to eat through the wiring on these lights… :mad2:  Next Christmas, we’re stocking up on clear lights, that’s for sure! Let me know when you see a sale!