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My Sister Loves Me

by Kay~Kacey on 5/17/2011

just sayin’

Yuengling Beer

She knows about my new found love of Yuenling Beer…and brought me back a case of it when she went to retrieve my nephew from college in Pennsylvania. She’s a good sister. (and I thank my nephew for going to college on the east coast so my sister could snag me some beer. Always an important part of deciding where to go to college! :hysterical: )

He Annoys Me Sometimes

by Kay~Kacey on 11/22/2010

So SuperGuy has been bugging the crud out of me :argue: asking me over and over and over Well, he’s mentioned a few times that these 3 innocent little beer bottles out on the counter were annoying him.

beer bottles Abita Yuengling

“Can we recycle these”

“No, I want them for a blog post”

“Can we recycle these?”

“No, I want them for a blog post.”

Well, it went on for quite awhile because, you know…I wanted. them. for. a. blog. post. I was going to get all creative and write a meaningful post about how my change in beer drinking habits parallel my changes in my life. 😆

Anyway…started out being a Budlight drinker. Middle of the road, not too exciting, don’t rock the boat, people pleaser.

Then moved on to beer like Corona. Small step out of the box.

(pardon the heavy texture phase…I couldn’t find the original PSD file to re-edit this.)

Moving onto Blue Moon–finding my way.

Then finally figuring myself out. Trying new things. More pleased with my choices.

Anyway…I wanted to mess around and take some artsy fartsy photos of my new favorite beers…for those of you who have known me through all of my beer/life stages…

beer bottle on deck

The Last Beers of Summer

And yes, dear, you can recycle the beer bottles now…

Imported Beer

by Kay~Kacey on 10/13/2010

When SuperGuy and I go on vacation, we give new meaning to the term imported beer…


Yeppers, we’ve been known to “import” beer back to the midwest. Like my beloved Abita Beer. (which we found out, after the fact, that we can now buy the Purple Haze Abita beer in Missouri, just haven’t found the Abita Amber here.)


We also brought back Yuengling Beer for our oldest son…unfortunately, not all of it made it all the way home. Oops!! :woot: