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It Is the Thought That Counts

by Kay~Kacey on 11/2/2009

You guys know I adore SuperGuy, right? Well, my dear husband surprises me with little things. Like, for instance, he knows of my addiction rather strong liking of all things candy corn.


Remember last year when I discussed how candy corn with the “chocolate” layer in it is just WRONG? I’m a candy corn purist. :angel:


Speaking of purist…he showed up with this bag of candy corn for me. Yes, the generic grocery store brand of candy corn.

It. Was. Horrid.

Now I realize that candy corn has no redeeming nutritional value…but, still… how can you ruin it? Give me back my BRACH’S candy corn!!

While it is truly the thought that counts…and it was so nice of SuperGuy that

1) he thought of me when he was out grocery shopping

2) he was grocery shopping in the first place

3) he remembered that I love candy corn

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to add a new rule to my candy corn addiction. No “chocolate” layer. Has to be Brach’s.

But thank you, honey. It really is the thought that counts! :love:

Be sure and check back tomorrow. I’ll have the photo of the month contest up. We had a ton of entries and they are great! See you then.

(what is YOUR candy of choice??)


No Willpower

by Kay~Kacey on 10/13/2008

I am a weak woman. I’ll freely admit it here to you. I. Have. No. Willpower. None.

When it comes to these…

candy corn

Candy corn. :love:

It’s a sickness I have. Indulged in just once a year. Do not stand between me and my candy corn.

candy corn in glass bowl

Isn’t it pretty? It even casts a darling shadow. I’m sure that candy corn is the prettiest candy in the world. Who can resist the brilliant colors?

candy corn on plate

I put them in antique green glass bowls or on my grandmother’s glass plate…and I eat them. A lot of them. I’ve been known to run from the room screaming to avoid the siren call of the candy corn.

candy corn close up

I’m a bit fanatic about my candy corn though. It has to be orange, yellow, and white. None of that FAKE candy corn that has the brown on it. Do they really think that’s chocolate on those? Anyway, back to the fanatic part…see this one with no white on it? That annoys me too. Okay, I still EAT them when they are missing a color, but it bugs the bajingles out of me.

How about you? Do you have a candy that whispers it’s soft siren call to you and you are powerless to resist?