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chandler hill wedding

Chandler Hill Vineyards Wedding

by Kay~Kacey on 6/24/2010

I’m finally doing an actual wedding post! This winery is so gorgeous. Such a wonderful place for a wedding. Forgive the image heavy post.

matt-wedding-7409Matt getting ready for the wedding. Everyone kept asking him if he was nervous. He kept asking “why does everyone keep asking me that?” He doesn’t look nervous, does he?

matt-wedding-7426The groomsmen getting ready for the wedding…no, wait, they are playing with their iPhones… 🙄


Right after Matt saw Stephanie for the first time, at the hotel before the wedding. (they did photos before the wedding and after it.) Here is where a big storm came rushing in… Matt said he kept thinking, do NOT rain on her. Do NOT. See how windy it is? The wind started blowing over those tables and chairs.


The one in which I started crying. Yes, I know. The VERY beginning of the wedding with Matt walking out with the minister. Couldn’t help it. He looks so happy. It still makes me cry to look at it.


When he first saw Stephanie walking down the aisle.


The one where there was a slight mixup of the rings…and Stephanie said, “Mine is the one with the diamonds!” :rofl: Everyone cracked up. I love that girl!


You may kiss the bride.


The happy couple. I was busy being the mother-of-the-groom so I didn’t get all the photos I would have liked to capture. I was busy staying out of the way of their official photographer too. That was weird not being the one telling people where to stand, where to look, etc. I will have some more photos up later of funny things from the wedding, but I’ll leave you with this, my favorite photo…


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