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A Day at The Unnamed House

by Kay~Kacey on 5/13/2013

So, we’ve yet to name the new house after 6 months of living in it..We’ve toyed with The Willows…because we planted a bunch of them. Or The Nest…because we used to have The Love Nest…and this just sounds more permanent than Love Nest. But, whatever. Still undecided. But…I digressed…here is some of how we spent our time at the new house this weekend.

I was busy with Murphy. You know, photographing him. Looking at how cute he was. I mean, I was BUSY.

Blenheim Cavalier

I found some time to try out different lenses to capture these yellow flowers. I think they are field mustard. Surprisingly hard to capture…

Field Mustard

Some of us just worked on silly stuff like planting trees. I mean really? When there were some cute puppies to play with?? And photos to take?

planting trees

The Allium has just started to bloom. Total surprise because SuperGuy forgot where he planted it last fall…

Allium blooms

Oh, and I was busy capturing the very first sprouts in my very first garden! I mean…that’s important stuff!!! Captured for eternity!

Lettuce sprouting

While some people just lollygagged around planting more trees. (After very helpful advice on placement from his nagging loving wife.)

planting red bud trees

I even managed to find time to almost capture a photo of Princess Maggie. She hates having her photo taken almost as much as my sister does!

black and tan cavalier

So, SuperGuy continued on with his extraneous chores…

planting trees

I just went and poured us some champagne and waited patiently for him to quit his fooling around with silly chores and come join me.

Champagne for Two at SunsetThe Champagne Sunset photo is for Sale on my artist website in my Kitchen Art Gallery. (which is heavy on drinks, I know, I know…)

Playing With My Lensbaby

by Kay~Kacey on 1/14/2013

Awhile ago I got a Lensbaby Lense.  I’ve shown a few lensbaby shots before. I got it out to play with it and try to get some elm tree in the snow shots…well, not so much… Could not nail the focus at all.

But while I was playing, Murphy jumped up on the bed…I couldn’t resist…

lensbaby pet photography

I know, he’s just the cutest thing, isn’t he? I never understood people taking so many photos of their dogs…hahaha…I take them all. the. time.

cavalier king charles taken with lensbaby lense

He looks like he’s thinking about getting into some kind of trouble here, doesn’t he?

I’m going to tackle the Lensbaby again and work on my focus issues. I will conquer it. I swear.

The Week of Animal Photography

by Kay~Kacey on 8/29/2012

I guess this is my week for posting animal photography. Monday was birds in the rain, today is my ever cute and adorable puppies.

Here is my ever so naughty and adorable Murphy.

old soul cavalier

I know, he’s just so stinkin’ cute.

cavalier puppy close up
Look at his eyes. You could get lost in those eyes. So soulful.

Here is Murphy looking every so mournful because he’s on the other side of the gate and he’s sure that SuperGuy is up to something very exciting…if he could just get through the gate.

let me out Mom

Here is his imitation of an innocent puppy…because he is NEVER innocent! This is his “I didn’t do it, Maggie did” look!

Maggie did it

Oh, and Maggie, our diva. Here she deigned it okay for me to take one photo of her. She did ask me if I got her good side though…

black and tan cavalier

Save us…SuperGuy and I have become crazy dog people.