wine on the keyboard

family traditions

Yes, it was time for the annual Easter egg slingshot competition… SuperGuy dyed all these eggs…he’s crazy…notice how weird he is…all sorted by color.

dyed easter eggs

Okay, I admit…they look kinda pretty like that…

And here was our target this year. This poor blow up money hung from a tree branch…

slingshot target

Everyone lined up for their turn to shoot the eggs with the slingshot.

shooting easter egg with slingshot

slingshot fun

We had a few injuries this year… like a backfired egg…okay, to be honest…Michael shot himself 3, count ’em THREE times this year. This has never happened before in the 12 plus years we’ve been doing the slingshot competition.

slingshot injury

My door got hit too…

egg on door

My mom is always up for watching some good boy fun, and enjoyed the silliness that is our slingshot competition. I love that she loves my boys so much…(she is still so pretty…)
grandmother watching competition

Some of us enjoyed the competition by drinking champagne…

watching and drinking

And, of course, we had to have at least a few brotherly scuffles along the way.

brotherly love

I’ll edit the rest of the photos and put them up on Facebook later today.

Just another crazy family tradition at our house…

Who Wins?

by Kay~Kacey on 12/15/2010

You might remember last year when The Geeky One and his Adorable Girlfriend-at-the-time (now wife) had a argument slight disagreement over what belonged at the top of their Christmas tree. She insisted on a star…he insisted on a hanging Jack from Jack-in-the-Box. He snuck in after they decorated the tree…and hung Jack on the star.

So we went over to their house this year for their annual wine and cheese party…and look what I saw!

jack-in-the-box-on-treeIt appears he’s a sneaky one, That Geeky One. He hung the Hanging Jack from their star again. :nono: Stephanie, you are a trooper for putting up with our weird family traditions.

Speaking of weird family traditions. My mom had these Christmas mice that she put out at Christmas. Who knows where she got them. She put them out every year. When The Geeky One was really young, he asked one year where are the Christmas Rats? We were like, huh??? We finally figured out he meant the mice. So from then on he got to put those Christmas “rats” out in my mom’s house. It was always hard to decide where to put them each year, don’t you know.

When he got his own home, my mom gave him the “Rats.” :heart: because she wanted to get rid of them. she knew how much The Geeky One loves them. She’s a good mom/grandmother like that. :love2: (See, I come by being a great mom genetically. Really!)

Christmas MiceHere they are in all their glory! No doubt The Geeky One STILL has a hard time deciding where to put them each year! (Stephanie, seriously, you are the best to put up with us!)

As an aside…it pays to have really tall sons ™. The Photography One just reached my iPhone right up there to the top of the tree and took the photo of Jack for me. :heart: