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Indulge Me

by Kay~Kacey on 1/31/2011

Please indulge me in a bit more of my obsession. Bird photos. Finches, to be exact this time.

finch in winter on branch

Lots of finches. More of my obsession with bird photos over on my photography blog, Kay Pickens St. Louis photographer.

three finches in a tree

Hanging out trying to survive the winter.

yellow finch on tree branch in winter

Just like me. Trying to survive the winter.

pair of finches at the bird feeder

They sing for me sometimes, like they are almost HAPPY in the winter! What’s up with that…

yellow finch on bird feeder harp

Well, excuse me for a bit. I need to go batten down the hatches. It appears they are forecasting the storm of the century for my area. Ice, sleet, freezing rain…then snow. Maybe lots and lots of snow. I keep clinging to my dream world that it will all just slip by us and it will be spring. Anyone care to join me in my fantasy life?