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So what have you guys been up to?

by Kay~Kacey on 4/19/2013

I’ve been busy playing with photos. Lots of photos. Lots of playing.

I found this old camera at an antique mall. I inset a photo of my grandmother and her son who died as a toddler into the lens on the camera for a reminder of the past. Found the old glasses…somewhere on my trips antiquing.

old camera and glasses

This is SuperGuy’s grandfather’s bible. So cool to have a bible that has been read through so many generations of one family.

old vintage bible

And, of course, another use of my growing mason jar collection. A bouquet of tulips that SuperGuy brought home and surprised me with. (we can’t have tulips in Columbia…they are like deer crack…and get eaten to the ground.)

tulips on mason jar

I also went to Philadelphia to visit my nephew, so I’ll be posting some of those photos soon!

All Images available as Wall Art.