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Back from Vacation

by Kay~Kacey on 2/27/2013

Ah, yes. Back to the real world. We did a quick trip to New Orleans, then a 5 day cruise. Fabulous time. Great weather. Lots of sitting in the sun and reading. Came back to really lots of snow. ™. And then more snow. Sigh. Where is spring?

My favorite son, Timmy, was watching the puppies. When Mizzou could just not get their act together and cancel classes until after there was already too much snow…Timmy got stuck halfway home to our house. Some nice lady picked him up and drove him partway…but he ended up walking the rest of the way to our house in his topsiders with bags over them, his Stadium Grill waiter apron tied around his face, and no hat or gloves…TWO MILES.  Anyway, he is now my favorite and I think he might even have unfrozen by now. I’ve pretty much not forgiven his finance prof for refusing to cancel the test they had that day so all these kids were out on the roads…and a ton…like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds had to abandon their cars.

We got home, shoveled out the driveway and rescued him. SuperGuy got to play with his tractor so all is right in his world.

Anyway, stuck inside during the snow storm, I had some time to play with my New Orleans photos. Want to see?? This is my favorite. Bourbon Street early morning.

bourbon street

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Here is the train crossing in front of Riverwalk.  We walked and walked along the river. A good time.
train at riverwalk

I just love this big old marine cleats on the Mississippi River. We sat and watched the barges to up and down the river. Such fun.marine cleat on Mississippi river

I put some more images up on my Kay Pickens Fine Art Site if you want to see them. I’ll be adding to the New Orleans Gallery as I have time to edit more of the photos. I haven’t even looked at SuperGuys photos that he took. So many photos, so little time…But it was fabulous to get out of the cold for a week!

I think I’ll just go and watch out the window for the snow to melt and spring to come…

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New Orleans Fun

by Kay~Kacey on 10/11/2010

One last vacation review. New Orleans! Love that town. Well, for short visits. The food, the French Quarter, the food. :rofl: My sister and brother-in-law met us there a quick 3 day vacation.


The weather was absolutely perfect. We stayed at the Monteleone, our favorite place to stay in New Orleans. A gorgeous boutique hotel in the French Quarter. Great customer service.  They have a fabulous rotating bar off the lobby. Very fun.  We had bragged about the bar to my sister and stopped there first thing on our way out to eat the first night. Unfortunately we had the ONLY cranky bartender we have ever had there. He didn’t wait on us forever, never talked to us. Kind of just threw our drinks down. Nice. So we left after one drink and headed out to the quarter.

As an aside, ’cause you know there is always one. The other nights we were there, the bar tenders were fantastic, fun and kept up with the crowd. Also, ask for Lucille if you eat at their breakfast buffet, she was great.

(view out our window of the river. Such fun to watch the boats go around that bend in the river!)

As another aside, you know why the Hotel Monteleone rocks? The last time I mentioned them in a blog post, they commented on the post. Yep, they are on the ball and I heart to stay there!


So we headed out for Cafe Maspero’s for a quick bite to eat. Order a Muffaletto there, I’m just sayin’ Trust me.Then walked around the Quarter and ended up at Pat O’Briens out in the courtyard. Fun times.


We introduced them to Community Coffee (while on our way to beignets at Cafe Du Monde .) 😀

(I told you my sister doesn’t like to have her photo taken!)

We went to the French Market, but it was pretty deserted this time of year on a weekday.

We also ate at Mr. B’s Bistro. Fabulous. We’ve eaten there before and loved it. Still love it. We also tried the Palace Cafe on Canal for the first time. Which could have been so good, but wasn’t. We still had fun, but some of our food wasn’t warm-like the crab cheesecake appetizer and the bread- and they didn’t have enough wait staff. We did have fun looking out on Canal Street and just enjoying laughing with my sister and her dh.

Okay, I think that concludes my reviews of all the places we went to on this vacation. Now, if I could only get used to real life again. :mad2: