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I Love Him – but

by Kay~Kacey on 10/14/2010

Sometimes SuperGuy is a slow study. You know our friend the stupid groundhog? The one that eats everything in sight in our backyard?


Well, SuperGuy decided to give coneflowers one more try in our backyard… :toofunny:


Yes, that worked out really well now, didn’t it?? :mad2:

I swear we have the best fed groundhog on the face of the planet. :wallbash:

Spunky Survivors

by Kay~Kacey on 9/10/2010

Hey!! Look what I found. No, not the flower…this post. I wrote it over a month ago and saved as a draft instead of posting it… :mad2:

So…here it is!

Remember when I talked about the spunky survivors I painstakingly moved from a discarded planter. The portulaca was from TWO summers ago. Have no idea why it decided to come up again THIS summer. Well…


Pretty right? Well…right after I took this photo. That darn woodchuck found our upper garden and cleaned it out of petunias and portulaca. :mad2: So. Not. Amused. Well, at least I got this one photo of one bloom. Sigh. I haven’t SEEN the silly woodchuck in a few days..but I know he’s still around. Sigh.