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Never-ending Heat and Drought

by Kay~Kacey on 7/20/2012

Seriously, I can’t remember a summer this hot for so many days in a row, and this dry. Dry. Dry. We haven’t had any significant rain since before we started building our house at the beginning of May. We’ve lost a few trees, some bushes…our yard is a joke. No tomatoes. My lilac that finally bloomed doesn’t look very good…

But I’m always surprised at the survivors. The flowers that weather the drought.

zinnia flower

A few zinnias have survived where all the other flowers in the garden have succumbed to the heat and drought.

pale pink flower

A few random flowers that I don’t even like have survived…but that’s another story….

This pale zinnia with its hint of lilac is so pretty, braving it’s way up between a lot of burned out foliage.

pale yellow zinnia

Well, we all do whatever it takes to survive the heat and the dry weather, now don’t we?

white wine

So how are your flowers and gardens surviving this summer? And what are you doing to survive the heat??