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Kacey vs SuperGuy

I Want My Garage Back

by Kay~Kacey on 9/23/2008

I’m going to sneak this blog post in today because I think SuperGuy is going to be really busy at work and won’t have time to read this post. I hope. Because, once again my blogging friends, I need your help…

I don’t ask a lot out of life, really. I’m basically content and happy. Most of the time. Or I quickly get back to being content and happy if I have a momentary blip. I think that’s fairly normal, right?

But one thing? The ONE THING I want thing I want REALLY badly?? My garage. I want it back.

messy garage

SuperGuy does a lot of woodworking, as seen by all my made for Kacey posts. And I appreciate it!! But he’s slowly taken over the whole garage. I want it back. Well, at least “my side” of it. He promised me I’d have it back last winter. But then the garage door opener quit working and one thing led to another and it never happened. He never cleaned out my side of the garage. As a total aside, he has a remote starter on his truck, so he doesn’t mind the cold-winter-mornings-car-left-outside-leaving-early thing.

Anyway, once again I’ve started to harp suggest to SuperGuy that he needs to, well, actually CLEAR OUT the garage so I can use it this winter. We’ll see.

You guys will support me on this one, right? Unlike the few terribly wrong misguided people who thought his ground cover was a great idea and sided with him… What do you say? Shouldn’t I have my side of the garage all cleaned out to use this winter??

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