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kelly moore bag

Bag Lady

by Kay~Kacey on 8/24/2010

I know, but what’s a woman to do? I have a small confession to make…


Yes, I got another camera bag. I should be embarrassed, but I’m not! I freely admit that bags are my weakness. This is a Kelly Moore bag. This is her hobo style bag in gray. Love it.


I know you’re thinking that I just got that rolling camera bag. But I wanted one to use as a shooting bag. Put my camera and a couple lenses in it for actual photo shoots.


Because I’m a woman who is all about the details, I just wanted to show you this cute bag that it comes in…


Very well made. Love the cute lilac inside. It easily holds my camera, my 70-200m, my 24-70mm, and my 85mm. Room for extra batteries and cards. Most of the time I have my camera on though, and just have the lenses in the bag, so they are with me to change out to. (Ended that sentence in a preposition. Pointed out especially for my sister…)

I think I’m good to go on camera bags for awhile, don’t you?? :rofl: