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by Kay~Kacey on 7/19/2010

Warning! Danger Will Robinson!!


Warning! I’m finally making a blog post! (Sorry, I went out of town to the lakehouse with SuperGuy. Didn’t get posts up before we left, and there is no internet down there. Shocking, I know!)

We worked on a lot of chores while we were there.


We replaced the doors to the shed. Yes, my sons, the ones that came off in your hands when you were down there on the 4th of July. We notice the nice job you did of nailing them back together. Unfortunately, when SuperGuy went to open the doors when we got there…they just disintegrated. Oh, boy! A trip to the toy store hardware store!


Two days later, and a lot of discussions with my engineer father…WE completed these doors to the shed.

Well, I took a bit of time off from the chores. I was very busy shopping at the outlet mall taking my mom to run errands. If SuperGuy is going to be busy this week one morning, I’ll show you what I scored what I considered buying but since I’m such a good person, I didn’t buy. (She lied.)