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Love Nest II

Saying Goodbye

by Kay~Kacey on 12/2/2010

After two years, it’s time to say goodbye to The Love Nest. Such good memories…but really ready to move on.

creative TV stand
From SuperGuy’s attempts at decorating… :hysterical:

milk glass buttons and bows

To the start of my lovely milk glass addiction. The milk glass gets moved with us…the kitty litter buckets? Not so much…

color added to family room

From the beginnings of decorating.

galley kitchen

To my cute galley kitchen that I decorated with black appliances because my friend Janice gave me this cute black teapot.

black teapot

I’ll miss the fabulous sunsets out the balcony. I will.


I won’t miss that I have to have a space heater going all the time in the winter to stay warm.

relaxing with a cup of tea

So we spend one last night hanging out at The Love Nest. Wish us luck with our move. I’m sure they’ll be photos and stories when I get back to the land of internet service on Monday.

It’s a bittersweet move…to leave the good memories behind…but we’re very ready to move past apartment living over in Columbia.

As an aside, because there is always one…got all the utilities transferred to our name at the new house. All except the water utility. Unfortunately, we’re outside the city of Columbia water district and have to use another district…that will remain nameless… For, you know, the smallest utility bill we’ll have. For the water district you have to go in person…they are only open until 4:30…we usually get over to Columbia like 6pm… Nope, in this day and age, you cannot do it over the phone, the internet, fax. You must show up in person at their office…which is miles out of Columbia I will add…and show them a photo id and give them a $75 dollar deposit. So wish us luck on not getting the water turned off before I can haul myself out of town during the day time hours and get that deposit made and show my photo id… :frown: