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Things that Bug Me

by Kay~Kacey on 2/12/2010

Okay, not a terrible, earth shattering problem…but, seriously, it bugs me.


The Love Nest is so not insulated. Wind whistles through the outlets. (kind of fixed that with insulated plugs). But the doors leak too. Now SuperGuy taped up the balcony door. How low rent does that look??? :mad2: Oh, and notice the old wool blanket at the base of the door.

Honestly, I’ve been tempted to tape the front door closed when SuperGuy leaves for work!!!

Yes, I just threw some textures on this photo because it’s boring, trivial, and really a snapshot…

But I digress…

Anyway, The Love Nest was built like 3 years ago? I’m just positive that insulation was invented by then… :crazy:

Okay, like I said, not a huge deal in the scheme of life…but I’m seriously tired of the blue tape and blankets rolled up under the doors. Okay, rant over. Probably…

Headed home to my wonderful view out my office windows…with no tape on the doors…


The Love Nest

by Kay~Kacey on 10/17/2008

Okay, remember when we were temporarily sharing an apartment with our son when SuperGuy worked over in Columbia? Well, that was fine, but really….it was SUCH a college kid apartment complex. We’ve had our name on a few waiting lists around town for places that don’t rent to undergraduates. (that makes us sound stuffy or old. Hm…maybe we are both. No, really, we’re fun, but not college aged fun, you know?) Finally an apartment became available. So we moved out and into our own place this week. At least for the days that SuperGuy works over here.

I wanted to show you lots of pics of the new place, but I’m exhausted. Let’s just show you that I DO have my priorities in order:

broadband setup

I have the broadband wireless all set up. You don’t think I’d forget about you guys, do you??

bed and laptop

We have a mattress set until our bed is delivered. (yes, we finally ordered a Sleep Number bed like we wanted.) Oh, is that a Corona beside the bed? Okay, I’ll go take care of that…

I really enjoyed sharing the apartment with The Photography One, but I’m sure he’s glad to have the place back to himself. I’ll miss sitting out on his deck and drinking beer and talking. I saw him more in the last 5 months than I did in the last 5 years. It was fun. Of course I can always still go over there and bug him visit with him.

puppy in backyard

We’re going to totally miss Charlie though!!

Note to self: NEVER rent a 3rd floor apartment without an elevator. Moving in was, well, challenging. I’m exhausted. More pics to come soon.

Oh, and THE LOVE NEST. We are SO totally calling the apartment THE LOVE NEST because it absolutely grosses all the boys out when we say that. Love nest, love nest, love nest. :rofl: Even my mother calls it our love nest!