wine on the keyboard


One Week Macro

by Kay~Kacey on 2/19/2009

Well, I finished up my one week rental of a Canon 100mm macro.


I took a ton of photos, but I’m still not feeling the love. Still like The Photography One’s 60mm less expensive macro better.


It would have helped if we would have had some nice sunny days so I could have lowered the ISO a bit. I found I got a bit of noise on these photos.


Or maybe it was that my subjects were boring. :mrgreen:


Anyway, I’m glad I rented it, because it’s no longer on my must have, must get list. Well, I still want a macro, but might get the 60mm one. Even though it only fits on Canan crop factor cameras and I’m sure our next one will be full frame. (this is where you can go la-la-la-la and quit listening.) Anyway, it was easy peasy to rent from Ziplens. So I’d suggest using them if you want to try out a new lens.


Why, yes, that is a bit of pink milk glass you see peaking out of those flowers. Hope SuperGuy doesn’t see it. Not sure he knows I snagged this vase yet…

All Good Things

by Kay~Kacey on 1/23/2009

Yes, all good things must come to an end. Sometime.

pencil topper

There comes a time in every woman’s life…

smiling sun wind chime

…when she must just face the fact…

paper flower card

that is time…

martini glass

to return the stolen borrowed macro lens to The Photography One.

wine cork

Sigh. I will miss it. Deeply and dearly. I’m thinking that’s the next lens on my shopping list…

You know, there is a lot of pressure with blogging. For instance…on the first day of the year, a person should share some deep, meaningful thoughts.

astramaria macro photo

Meaningful thoughts about the last year.

macro bubbles

Meaningful thoughts about the new year.

green flower closeup

Sharing deep thoughts…and possibly the mean of life…with your blogging friends.

old quilt macro photo

Though I already had the stress of picking my favorite photos of 2008. Really, blogging is stressful!! 😉 Then, it did occur to me there was another option for the first post of the new year…

yarn macro

A less stressful option, :bath: without all the expectations and responsibilities.

k key on keyboard

I could just borrow The Photography One’s macro while he is home, and take macro photos until I drop from exhaustion. What a fun way to end the year and start the new year. Especially with my desire (not resolution, mind you…haven’t done those) but my desire to improve my photography skills in 2009.

By the way. I did not STEAL the macro lens this time. We swapped lenses. I lent him a good lens of mine and he gave me his macro for a few weeks. Gotta love having the same brand DSLR camera as another photographer in the family! Sharing lenses is fun!

Happy New Year my friends. May the new year be kind to you.