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The Lumberjack Version

by Kay~Kacey on 8/10/2012

Oh, yes, a storm came through–well, high winds, but no rain. We’ve hardly gotten any rain this summer. But look what the winds did at The Love Nest. Didn’t the wind know we’re getting ready to sell??

broken branch

Sigh. Well, I was afraid it was going to fall on someone…so SuperGuy said he’d cut it down. You remember what happened last time he tried to cut down a tree, right? Or maybe this one? Or this?

So, you can see why I was a little bit guy shy of letting him loose with a chainsaw again…

chain saw

His look of surprise when he’s not sure if the branch is going to fall right on top of him…

cutting branch

He got out of the way just in time… 😯
branch on ground

Then all there was left to do was cut the whole thing up into logs and pile it near the lot line…not that we have a woodburning fireplace to actually use the logs, mind you. :wallbash:

chainsaw cutting branch

I’m hoping we don’t have any more trees that need to be cut down at our new place…


Building a House-Male vs Female

by Kay~Kacey on 7/9/2012

So, as you’ve probably read, SuperGuy and I are having a house built. Even though people told us that we’d never survive the process, we are having a fabulous time.

Anyway, we have tons of choices to make, and we’re dealing pretty well with most of them. Color of siding, front door, carpet, counters, cabinets, roof, color and design of front stamped concrete. Windows–how many and where. Type of metal on fixtures (chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel…etc, etc.) Anyway…we’ve been working our way down the list. I think these are all pretty important decisions to pull off the look we want, right?

What is SuperGuy obsessed with in our decision making process??

rocks from construction

He keeps asking…over and over and over…what are we going to do with the rocks they dug up when they were clearing the area for the house??? :mad2:   Really?? That’s the big decision??

I swear…males are such strange creatures…says the woman surrounded by ever so many males in her family.

Anyway… “Honey, let’s get back to talking about tile flooring. Thanks.” Your loving wife.


Long Live the Lilac

by Kay~Kacey on 3/26/2012

Oh. My. Gosh!! GREAT news!!! You know my lilac bush that hasn’t bloomed in like 12 years??? Guess what???

lilac bloom

It bloomed this year for the first time ever!!!!

lilac blooms

Isn’t it just gorgeous? I’m so in love with the lilac bush! I wandered around it taking photos from every angle!!!

lilac in the spring sunlight

The poor bush suffered from a tree chopping down incident in its youth… :mad2: Yes, I was not amused. We moved it…well, what was left of it after the tree fell on it…but it never bloomed.

first lilac bloom

2011 lilac waiting game
2010 wondering if the lilac bush will bloom–right next to SuperGuy’s 67 cent lilac bush that bloomed–which, btw, has NOT bloomed this year…
2009 will it bloom??

Ah, finally a happy ending for the lilac bush saga!! Long live the lilac bush!