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There are Problems with Country Life

by Kay~Kacey on 6/6/2013

There are downsides to country life…like…I went to take these gorgeous photos of flowers  in our meadow. Loved the single daisy. If wild flowers are called daisies?

single daisy

Then I got this bunch of white flowers growing near our rock pile. Not sure what they are?

white meadow flowers

We also have a few of these brilliantly colored orange poppies.oranage poppies

More daisies in the meadow grass…love the pretty meadow grass…

daisies in meadow

Yes, yet more daisies in the grass.

daisies in the meadow grass

Okay, only one more photo of the daisies in the meadow. I promise…

flowers in the meadow

Well, here is one of the very pretty meadow grass. I love to watch it sway in the wind. But what about that downside to country life?

meadow grass

Ticks. I am not amused. Two so far for me…one which survived a ride in the clothes washer and was still on my tank top. Not amused. I think SuperGuy has had about 5. Sigh. So far, seriously, that’s the only downside of country living as far as I can tell…


Build It and They Will Come

by Kay~Kacey on 5/18/2012

Ah, yes. Our new place in Columbia. Just the beginning phase of building.

road to home

Our driveway. Well, what will be our driveway. Looking from the road towards where our house will be.

start of construction of home

See? They’ve dug it out. It’s going to be a nice little one story house with a walk out basement with lots and LOTS of windows. This next photo is my beautiful meadow.


The builder saved me some big old rocks that I think I’m going to put beside my garden to sit on, or maybe under some trees in the orchard we’re going to put in. Apple trees, peach, pecan. Oh, yes!

more meadow

Here’s the meadow looking another direction. You can just see the telephone wires in the distance.  Oh, and our meadows? They come complete with lots of ticks this year due to the mild winter… 😯

orchard area

This area used to be the pond/lagoon/icky stagnant water thingie. We’ve drained it and we’re filling it in. This is where we’re probably going to put the orchard. In a nice little secret opening on the land.

new house

This is the elm tree that SuperGuy cleared all the nasty Locust trees out from underneath it. And got stuck in the leg with a nasty locust thorn. And we’re currently having a “discussion” on whether or not his leg is infected…

glimpse of new house building siteSo, all roads lead to home…come visit!! It’s supposed to be completed in about 6-ish months. So October, maybe?

We haven’t thought of a name for our new home yet. We’ve had our series of “Love Nests” and we’re thinking of naming this home something else. Considering it took us almost a month to name Murphy, I’m not sure a name will pop up for us any time soon.

Oh, and yes, we still have our home in St. Louis and go back and forth between them. World travelers, don’t you know. Well, state travelers anyway. Back and forth on Hwy 70. Back and forth.