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The Greening of Mizzou

by Kay~Kacey on 7/22/2009

Oh, yes, big announcement!!


Mizzou is going Green. Which would be a nice announcement, I guess. I’m all for going green, recycling, saving energy…



Does anyone find it terribly strange…if not down right wrong… that Mizzou sent out a mailer with FOUR pages and TWO envelopes to make this big Mizzou is Going Green announcement?? :wallbash:

Just saying.


Mizzou Photo Shoot Competition

by Kay~Kacey on 6/1/2009

Yes, SuperGuy and I were out competing on a friendly little photo shoot again. We decided to head over to the Mizzou campus and see what we could find.

It had rained that morning, but the sun came out and it was beautiful.

jesse hall and columns

We got some wonderful photos on the campus. It really is a pretty campus. Much prettier than when SuperGuy and I went there.


Here is one of our favorite bar and grills. It burned down the first year The Photography One went to college there. He assures me it wasn’t his fault… They rebuilt it and it looks very similar inside, thank goodness. Still has the coldest beer and best burger!

superguy shooting

We amused ourselves taking pictures of each other taking pictures…

photography at mizzou

Here, the camera cleverly hides me. Mostly.

beetle bailey sculpture

Here is the sculpture of Beetle Bailey. Mort Walker, the creator of Beetle Bailey went to Mizzou. This sculpture is right by the Alumni center…which they tore down a corner dive bar to put up the Alumni center…which I found vaguely amusing…

sun flare mizzou columns

I worked on perfecting my sun flare. That was fun!

black and white flowers

SuperGuy worked on shots for the perfect black and white entry. Speaking of which, I’m aiming to have the May Photo of the Month Contest up on Wednesday. Thanks for all the great entries!


Deja Vu

by Kay~Kacey on 5/25/2008

Deja Vu…well besides being the name of a great bar when I was in college….

I was having a deja vu type of week last week while visiting the campus of Mizzou. I went to college at Mizzou (Go Tigers!). When I went back there a few years ago with my son when he was registering for classes, it was like waves of memories washed over me…twisted in with the realization I had walked these streets everyday for 4 years. The same streets my son was soon to walk every day. It was like our lives had folded together and our paths had interwoven in some weird way.

mizzou jesse hall

Mizzou is a pretty campus…even more so now than I was there. They’ve done a great job prettying up the campus. They’ve also done a great job with their expansion projects, tying them in to the existing older architecture. Mizzou has a “red campus” (old red brick campus) like this shot of Jesse Hall–their administration building and a “white campus” white limestone buildings.

student union Mizzou

Here is the student union, the “entrance” to the white campus. This pretty walkway up to the union used to be an old torn up street when I went to school there.

Here is the “landmark” that Mizzou is known for. The Columns in the quad.

University of Missouri Columbia columns

This is all that is left of the original Academic Hall at Mizzou. It burned down in 1892.

My Great Aunt Verena (love and adore the name Verena) went to Mizzou. About 80-90 years ago if I’m doing the math right. One of the few women on campus at that time. I have an old black and white photo she gave me of the columns back from when she went to school.

It just seems a bit weird, in a good way, to think of the history of this college and our family. SuperGuy went to Mizzou his last two years of college too. So we have a lot of history wrapped up in it. Now, in August, my youngest one, The Impish One will start college at Mizzou too. I sometimes get in a weird place when I’m walking around the campus now. Trapped between two worlds. For just a brief flash, I’m 20 again and reliving my college days.