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The Mothers Day Edition

by Kay~Kacey on 5/22/2012

Late, I know, but still thought I’d share some photos of our Mothers Day get together. Which, thankfully my sister had, so I didn’t have to clean my house!!  Yay!

new porch

It also gave my sister a chance to show off their new porch. Isn’t it wonderful? I had to chase everyone off it so I could grab a photo of it before we descended on it and made a mess. Which we did.

my momHere’s my mom. :heart:  Enjoying the craziness that is our family get togethers.

fighting over opening my beerLike when the boys fight over who gets to open my beer… :mrgreen:

Or who gets to give the open beer to me…poor Lauren got the beer spilled on her in the process…

give mom a beer

Lauren is a good sport though, and puts up with Michael and all the boys and their male tricks…she’s a very patient kind of person :surrender:

cute coupleThey make a cute couple, don’t they? We’re all looking forward to their wedding in October. (Oh no! I have to find another Mother of the Groom dress!!!)

SuperGuy had a great time too!

SuperGuy had a great timeHe’s so handsome!! :love2:

See, everyone was having a good time!

laughingI love it when I can catch some candid shots when people don’t know I’m shooting them. Below is my sister–who hates having her picture taken, but didn’t catch me taking this one…

my sister

And the ever patient Lauren:

pensive look

Michael–probably thinking of how best to stir up trouble:

thinking man

Oh, and some brotherly love…kind of… 😉

brotherly hug

Yes, don’t ask what they were up to here…

And last, but not least…my sister’s dog Charlie. Right in the middle of the chaos.

Charlie dogI know, he has wise eyes, doesn’t he?

Anyway, better late than never. Didn’t get photos of everyone. Some people were hiding or making faces…

Mothers Day Twenty Twelve. I love this family. :heart: