wine on the keyboard

new construction

It is getting really exciting!! Look at my teal office!

teal office in new house with window seat

After all that teal¬†anguish,¬†I seriously love and adore the color and I love and adore my window seat!!! Yay for teal! Yay for…well…everything! And look at my pretty kitchen backsplash!

subway tile

White subway tile plus a cute little trime of light teal squares mixed in with white and greyish squares. I just love tile new construction

There is where SuperGuy’s new gas stovetop will be. My cute tile backsplash will look great behind it, won’t it??

In other news…we also got the deck put on! Here is SuperGuy relaxing…

new deck on house

Here is a picture of how the back of the house looks now. See all that dirt? Well, the next day we seeded all of that and strawed it! Color me exhausted!

back of new house construction

Here’s a sunset view from the side of the brand new deck…see, it still has sawdust! We had to have the contractor put the spindles a bit closer together than code called for so that the mischievous puppies couldn’t get through them!!

sunset view from deck

This is how we spent our first evening on the new deck…

relaxing at the new house

I know! It’s getting exciting! We’re getting so close!

by Kay~Kacey on 7/2/2012

Pink knock out roses with sun burst

But he that dares not grasp the thorn Should never crave the rose. ~Anne Bronte

These are the beautiful pink knockout roses that are out my office window at The Love Nest. I have to admit, I will miss them when we move. Hm, note to self…ask SuperGuy to plant some out the window of my new office. Anyway, I love the light. I actually shot these right through the screen and you can see a faint pattern of the screen in this shot. Love that.

Now, I’m back to picking out faucets for the new place…which still has no name, but does have a walls and a roof. I need to get on an update post on that too. But right now I’m knee deep in deciding on faucets, carpet, and tile… I cannot believe how many decisions have to be made when you build a house. I picked out siding last week. A medium gray tone. I think. And we spent hours deciding on exactly where to put the kitchen island so the plumber could come in this week…all while on pain pills for a messed up back…so I’m hoping I didn’t pick anything stupid… My sister doesn’t seem to have much confidence that I made any sane decisions…We’ll see.