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How to be my favorite

by Kay~Kacey on 9/1/2010


Text your mama (or your boyfriend’s mama…) when you arrive. I’m just sayin’

Notice on the iphone4 you can increase the font size of your text messages so you aren’t hunting up your reading glass to see what the message says. Reason enough to upgrade. Honest.


I love technology. Here is the photo she sent with her text letting me know that got in okay to Hilton Head. :love:

And here is one sent from my son’s iphone…probably right after I texted his girlfriend and told her she was my favorite… :dance:


Wish I were there. I want my toes in the ocean.  Just sayin’

Oh, and if my lovely son is reading this blog post? I’m just glad it wasn’t either of you that went to the ER for stitches… hope he’s feeling better! Watch out on the  :beer: