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The Engagement Party

by Kay~Kacey on 10/11/2011

Yes, the engagement party of the century ™–’cause I had it here in our backyard– is officially over. Had such a fabulous time. The happy couple:

engaged couple

I know. They are just too cute, aren’t they?

The backyard looked fabulous! It was just the perfect night, with perfect weather!

backyard party

Darling decorations. Lots of white Christmas lights, candles, and luminaries. This ladder of candles and hydrangeas in mason jars rocks, doesn’t it? If you think it is just too adorable, be sure to tell SuperGuy…’cause he thought it was silly to decorate an old ladder…

ladder with candles and mason jars.

We had luminaries coming up the driveway and along the walkway leading to the backyard. Then lights all over the arbor entrance to the backyard.

luminary walkway

Of course I manage to get some photos of the fam. Adorable couple one:

Adorable couple two:

Adorable couple three: :rofl:

Last, but not least…my fun, crazy, adorable, lovable family in total. (complete with 3 females now!!)

Family Photography

Thanks for looking! Next post I’ll have up some crazy boy photos!