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Haverford College

by Kay~Kacey on 5/6/2013

So my sister and I went to a weekend in Philadelphia to visit my nephew. He goes to Haverford College right outside Philadelphia. The campus is just seriously beautiful. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from our trip to campus.

This is my favorite! Duck Pond at Haverford College. Doesn’t it look idyllic?

Haverford Duck Pond
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Here is one of the few times I was able to get a photo of my sister. She hates having her photo taken–but this one is just so gorgeous! Such a pretty campus with walkways like this.
haverford walkway

Here is the Haverford Cricket Field. I freely admit I know nothing about Cricket.
Haverford cricket field

This is the clubhouse, or cabin, or cottage…whatever they call it on the cricket field. The whole campus looks like it should be a postcard…
Cricket cabin Haverford College

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I fell in love with the big old trees they have on campus. Just lovely.
Haverford College Trees

Yes, I’m geeky enough about these trees to look them up on the Haverford site…they have an elm tree that is a descendent from the Penn Treaty Elm where William Penn signed a treaty of friendship with Lenape Chief Tamanend in 1682. With carefully saved cuttings the desendents of the original Penn Treaty Elm have survived. Well, I thought that was cool. But I was all about the history on this trip!

Haverford College view

Ok, and I just had to grab a shot of this handle-less door…
door with no handle

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I’ll end with a photo of my nephew and sister sitting in Ben Franklin’s pew at Christ Church. Seriously…that Church just gave me shivers of history. All those people that shaped our country…and you can sit right where they did. The church is still an active church with an active congregation. I was on seriously history overload on this trip. Loved it. I’ll post more photos of Philadelphia in another blog post, but wanted to share these Haverford College photos. And a big shout out to my nephew who is graduating from Haverford this month! So proud of you.

Franklin Pew Christ Church